Solar Panel Extended Warranty

Consumer Solar Panel Solutions
For many years Solar Panel Sellers and Manufacturers offered a long term warranty of 5 to 10 years for the panel and additional components such as the Solar Inverter and the Solar Tracker carry various warranties.

A valuable solution is available for customers who have panels that are out of the original factory warranty. This low cost program is a fixed price per panel for an additional 1 year of coverage allowing the consumer to protect their investment well past the initial warranty.

Commercial Solar Panel Solutions
Some commercial buyers will require the seller or Manufacturer to obtain backing for their warranties to ensure performance in the future. A long term warranty is often of no value if the company is out of business. In addition, some buyers want a longer warranty than the seller offers.

Solutions exist to provide new and previous buyers and sellers with secure backing for their Solar Panels and other ancillary components.  These are generally custom solutions based on each unique situation.

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